Saturday, 14 April 2012

Dear Readers,
                             We are starting blog. I hope this blog will be Interesting for you all. In this blog we will ask 1 Question everyday at 8 a.m(IST) people who know answer, Just sign in & give your answer. Questions will be asked in multiple choice A,B,C,D. By this blog you can improve general knowledge as well as prize money also. Questions will be asked from 01-05-2012 for 365days. 365 questions will be asked . Prize money is Rs:2 Lakhs(INR).
1)  1 Lakh for people who give correct answers
   Ex: A person who give more correct answers for this 365 questions he will get this prize money  Rs:1 Lakh(INR).
People who give correct answer next day will be announced their names.
2)  1 Lakh for people who give correct (or) answers.
   Ex: A person, Every day sign in to blog & he tries to give right answer but sometimes it may be wrong no problem for that. He is showing lot of interest  on blog. A person who give right (or) answer for 365 days he will get prize money. If two or more people gives answer for 365 days. Randomly we will select winner .He will get Rs: 1 Lakh(INR).
 So, Add as many as friends in Google circle, facebook & tell them about this blog.
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